Search engine help

Explanation for the usage of the search tool

  1. Country: Here you may limit your search to the country of the decision
  2. Nature of the Court: Here you may confine your search to a certain type of court
  3. Place of Jurisdiction: Here you may narrow your search to a particular place of jurisdiction
  4. Department: Here you may confine your search to a particular department of a court
  5. Decision Type: This enables you to narrow your search to either decision or Resolution
  6. Date from – to: Here you may choose a time frame within which you would like to search for decisions
  7. File Reference: Here you may search decisions by file reference
  8. Norm: This enables you to search for decisions utilising the norms used during the legal procedure, provided they have been mentioned within the decision text
  9. Search by: Here you may search for all keywords enclosed in the document
  10. All search options may be used in combination with each other

Display of search results

  1. By using the button „Print“ you may print the decision
  2. By using he button „Back to list" you will return to the display of all search results